Blu-ray Lens Cleaner

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Product Description

Product Description
Dust and dirt can build-up over time, which can degrade picture quality and keep your Blu-ray disc player from running at its optimal performance. Maxell BR-LC with 3 super fine microfiber brushes allows you to clean the delicate lenses of your video and gaming equipment without the use of chemicals.

Interactive On-screen Instructions
The multilingual on-screen interactive program allows you to choose options to explain the cleaning process, equipment performance tests and other disc features.

Equipment Performance Tests
Test the performance of your Blu-ray disc player to determine if it is operating at its optimum level. Choose between the speaker and channel test or the polarity verification test.

Compatible with Multiple Players
The BR-LC works with all Blu-ray players including Playstation 3. You can easily and safely clean all of your media equipment with the BR-LC.

Preserve the Life of Your Blu-ray Player
The BR-LC Blu-ray Lens Cleaner will ensure you can enjoy the very best your media has to offer. It can maintain the pristine condition of your Blu-ray player by removing excessive build-up and residue and prevent any permanent damage; allowing you to enjoy your Blu-ray player for years on end.

  • Great for use with your Blu-Ray Player, BD-Rom & Playstation3
  • Audio and Video test instantly display results on-screen
  • Includes multilingual interactive on-screen instructions
  • 3 super fine microfiber brushes remove dirt, dust and other small particles.
  • No use of chemicals