SLIMS 5MM Cases Color 6 Pk

Item#: 190082

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Product Description

The Maxell multi-colored clamshell cases are one of the most unique styles of cases available to you. Their uncommon design allows for them to be thinner than most other cases while still covering 360 degrees of your disc. And, at a 5mm thickness, you will be able store multiple clam shell cases in the place of one standard jewel case. Furthermore, unlike their bulkier counterparts, clam shell cases can be used as a hassle free way to ship discs. Each clamshell case holds one standard sized CD or DVD. This special 6 pack of clam cases comes in a variety of fun assorted colors. You will have fun color coding the CD’s of your family portraits and favorite audio discs into these great cases. So, if you’re looking to add some pep and variety to your CD storage options, these Maxell multi-colored clamshell cases are a great fit for you.